Since it first graced our pages, Austria’s Brixton Motorcycles has continued to impress with an innovative range of bikes that mix classic styling with modern, off-road capabilities.

Nestled in Austria lies a garage that has experienced a rapid rise to fame. Austrian motorcycle manufacturer Brixton Motorcycles have been around since 2015. But its range hasn’t much infiltrated the U.S. market. 



Their initial model, the Crossfire 125, was designed to take on the small displacement market. This clean and distinctive bike caught our attention three years ago. 

They have introduced the Crossfire 500 XC. A great-looking retro-modern scrambler model with classic styling and the ability to move off-road at a low cost to their customers.

The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer Brixton Motorcycles is a boutique company with limited production output. And they tend to stick to machines powered by fantastic engines. 

Brixton Crossfire 500 XC

Their latest offering, the Brixton Crossfire 500 XC seeks more than just building out the scrambler category. It represents a striking departure for the small firm and arrives as an extension of the legendary scrambler design.

If you love the classic scrambler’s old-school looks, you will love the Crossfire 500 XC. This new model allows riders to get in touch with their inner-vintage style. Without worrying about compromising on performance or quality.

The Brixton Crossfire 500 XC is a motorcycle built in an era when companies still had the resources to create a quality and stylish biking experience. 

An integrated neo-retro motorcycle that felt like you were riding a vintage scrambler with modern components. The bike comes with a 486 cc twin-cylinder engine with approximately 47.5 hp (35kW) and 43 nm of torque at 6,750 rpm. 


The Crossfire 500 XC is Brixton’s first foray into mid-size displacement motorcycles. And they have been faithful to the company’s reputation of creating rugged. And dependable yet affordable off-road motorcycles. 

However, if one were to look at the Crossfire 500 XC. One would wonder how a bike costing $7,500 is in league with bikes that go for twice its price.

With one particular shade, ” Desert Gold “, the bike arrives with LED lights. An LCD console. And Pirelli’s on both the ends.

via Brixton Motorcycles


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