We might have not have heard much about Foggy Petronas FP1. However, the bike remains as the collector’s edition.

The Foggy Petronas FP1 is on sale on Collecting Cars in an online auction the bid has two more days with 24 bids are on with a cool £18250.


The FP1

The FP1 was the outcome of a partnership between Petronas and Carl Fogarty; only 150 copies were produced. 75 copies went to Malaysia. However, 50 dint went through due to homologation rules, and 75 are in the UK.

The bike just weighs 181 kgs as dry weight stacked with 900 cc Suter Racing engine that could produce 127 bhp of power, which is less as compared to today’s generation of superbikes.

Bike gets other high-quality components, and they carbon-fiber bodywork with Brembos and Ohlins suspension and OZ Racing wheels.

As per the seller, the bike is as good as new plus exposed carbon-fiber has been re-lacquered to maintain the bling-factor.

It was stored in dry stored for many years and has 7 miles on its odometer. It comes with all the UK NOVA Certificate.

NOVA stands for Notice Of Vehicle Arrival. The form is issued to prove that any duty or VAT owing on the vehicle has been paid.

The duty on this bike has been paid, and the NOVA confirms this. Clearance and UK taxes too are already paid.

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