Golden GMX electric supermoto by Daren Crigler

 Golden GMX electric supermoto by Daren Crigler

Daren Crigler talks on his upcoming electric supermoto build.

I’m proud and excited to finally share the new full-size MX bike I’ve been designing for Golden Motor over the past several months. 

The bike design encompasses all the knowledge I have gained over the past several years through my various builds.

It also includes every design aspectsI have ever wanted to include in my frame and battery designs.

Full-size MX bike will be sold and produced by Golden Motor Company. Here are some details:

  • 60Ah 72v Swappable Battery Pack, up to 500a peak.
  • Custom high discharge BMS with display monitoring.
  • Modular controller/motor frame mounts.
  • Controller mounts for GM controllers, Sevcon, Mobipus, ASI, Sabvoton and many more.
  • Modular axle pivot positioned motor mount plates for GM 3KW, GM 5KW, GM 10KW, Motenergy ME1304, ME1507, and more.
  • Keyed steering lock.
  • Modular chain guide setup for multiple rear sprocket sizes.
  • Heavy-duty hardened aluminium frame.
  • Fastace suspension upgradable to Showa, Fox (DIY).
  • Top-quality components, engineering and hardware.

You will be able to purchase this bike as a complete kit OR rolling chassis only for DIY builders.

Pricing is not confirmed but will be much more affordable than other comparable full-size electric MX bikes past and present.

Production will start after testing and is planned at 4,000 units the first year. More info to come as I will be sharing the build process as we start building the prototypes.

Daren has also requested if anyone has any feedback they can share with him.

You can find more info at Goldenmotor

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Akash Dolas

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2 years ago

Wow! Absolutely perfect. Right down to the color. I want to help make this bike come true. How can I help?

2 years ago

If you think about a double shock. Absorber leaving more espace for a bigger battery maybe it could be better

Kirt shingleton
Kirt shingleton
1 year ago

I want a bike as soon as they are available I would love to test them out for you take it to the limets

Jonathan McAuley
Jonathan McAuley
1 year ago

When do you expect them to begin shipping? I would love to order one, I don’t see a way to do so on their website?

Jonathan McAuley
Jonathan McAuley
Reply to  Akash Dolas
1 year ago

Is the bike still in prototype and testing phase?

Michael Duley
Michael Duley
1 year ago

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing one these Bikes. Can you please keep me up to date with production times and costs.
I am also interested in becoming an agent for you here in Spain.

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