Harley-Davidson’s ongoing journey toward electrification of their product line. Took a significant leap forward with the scarce details of the S2 Del Mar.

A new electric motorcycle will be launched in just two months. Making it very close in design to the big push expected in the current year.

According to sources, Harley Davidson plans to launch a new electric motorcycle in April/May 2022. The LiveWire brand created just to focus on the electrification of motorcycles will likely launch in 2022.



New electric bike

The bike manufacturer plans to launch a new electric motorcycle called the S2 Del Mar. Harley will use its trademark Arrow architecture. The package has all its components as one unit like the battery, inverter, charger, speed controller, and motor. It will help building bikes in different sizes and styles easier without adding new tooling costs.

S2 Del Mar

The company introduced its LiveWire bikes back in 2019. And has committed to two generations of the machines with plans to improve the models’ range. Developing a smaller, more affordable bike makes sense for Harley-Davidson since it wants to tap into a wider audience.

The brand has already started working on the next generation of its LiveWire electric motorcycle line. This upcoming update will have sportier styling and better motor efficiency. And we understand the S2 will be created with the help of Harley’s partner, Kymco. Futher we could also see more models come from this brand.

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