Akrapovič loves to bang on its drum regularly, and with the help of some naked bikes, riders, and in an unknown location. The company has crafted a heartfelt tribute to naked bikes and their sweet sounds.

So, in the spirit of Honda Brasil’s efforts with its noise machine. Akrapovič decided to mimic that concept, but with a slightly more open interpretation. 

Instead of just utilizing the mechanical sounds of an engine and exhaust. They grabbed some motorcycle enthusiasts and had them introduce and ride a selection of naked motorcycles.


Akrapovič, the high-performance exhaust brand with a heritage in racing, is showing off its love of bikes with a unique video called “Akrapovic Tribute To Naked Bikes”.

The nearly a minute and forty-second video features multiple riders on naked machines with Akrapovic exhausts on them.

The video

There’s something for everyone when it comes to two-wheeled machines. But if someone told me I could only have one bike in my life, there’s a good chance it would be a naked sportbike.

 And if that’s the case.I’d want an aftermarket exhaust system that not only sounds damn good but also explicitly reminds me of that fact. That’s where Akrapovič comes in.

“Torque, horsepower and noise.” When was the last time hearing those three words together made your heartache for a naked bike?

If you’re an Akrapovič fan, this video is going to do it. There are some good shots here of gorgeous bikes being ridden hard, evoking a “there be dragons here” feeling of danger at every turn.

The bikes we see in the video are BMW F 900 with Titanium slip-on line. Further the Yamaha MT-09 comes with Titanium racing line.Aprilia Tuono 660 gets the Carbon racing line exhaust while Kawasaki Z900 wears Carbon slip online.

However, we also understand that Akrapovic did not feature all the exhausts for the naked bikes.

I just love the way the Akrapovič exhausts sound on their naked bikes. I’m not even that into naked bikes. I just think Akra knows how to make its exhausts sing beautifully.

Hope you too like them?

via Akrapovic


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