BMW unveiled its Hulk F 900 XR at EICMA 2019 with multiple teasers. Before EICMA 2019 BMW Motorrad started teasing their teasers at one point in time, we were a bit confused about whether it is Roadster or F 900 XR.

But then we ultimately did realize that it is F 900 XR.

There was also a strong sense of rumor that BMW may also bring the electric DC Roadster at EICMA 2019. However, that did not happen.


While we talk about the price of the new BMW F 900 XR, we also take a look at what BMW has put in this F 900 XR.

F 900 XR Specs

  • Ten hp is an addition to the power that makes total to 105 hp from 95hp @ 8,500 rpm.
  • There is no addition of torque, as it remains the same.
  • The twin-cylinder gets enlarged.
  • It is EURO 5 compatible.
  • The feel-good upright stance for longer hauls with flat handler bars puts it into an adventure category.
  • The F 900 XR comes with 6.5″ TFT display with 15,5 liter of the tank that is tone down.
  • In Europe, for the A2 category, there is a toned-down variant of 48hp.
  • The trademark headlight comes with LED, and those are double headlights with LED taillight that is sleek.
  • The discs can be manually adjusted.
  • 825 mm seat height.
  • The front spoiler comes as an optional.
  • 43mm USD fork at the front that cannot be adjusted, and the rear gets the hinged strut.
  • Brakes are Vierkolbenzangen at the front, and the rear is Einkolbensattel, both provided by Bremspower.

In Europe the price of the Standard variant starts from Euro 11,300.

The F 900 XR comes in three paint schemes.

  • Sport Variant: That effectively gets the racing red color to its body with black on the mudguards. Side panels and tank cover comes in gray color. Now, this also adds few Euros to the package, and it comes with an additional Euro 220 compared to the Standard White Variant.
  • Gold: While the mudguards come with Gold and Black color tank cover and side panels come with gray color and similar to a Sport Variant, you need to shell out an additional Euro 220 compared to Standard White Variant.
  • Standard White Variant: This variant comes maximum with white color. Similar to Sport and Gold variant Side panels and tank cover comes in gray color.

Source : BMW Mototrrad

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