Hero Motocorp to set up its sales network in Mexico

 Hero Motocorp to set up its sales network in Mexico

Hero MotoCorp’s R4 (Revitalize, Recalibrate, Revive and Revolutionize) strategy will see the company invest. In setting up its network across international markets like Thailand, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. 

Hero MotoCorp has already started its operations in Thailand.With more outlets expected soon. 

 Also, the company is planning on operating dealerships in Brazil and Argentina by 2021. This year, exports have gone up in March 2021.

What will we see in Mexico?

Hero’s portfolio in Mexico will have 

  • Maestro Edge 125 scooter,
  • Xpulse 200, 
  • Xpulse 200T, 
  • Hunk 190, Hunk 160R and Hunk 150, 
  • Eco 150 TR and Eco 150 Cargo
  • Ignitor 125 and Dash 125 

For almost a decade, manufacturers are working to push the boundaries of entry-level equipment by achieving higher standards with each successive model. 

It has continuously improved quality. And performance from these bikes that are typically considered starter motorcycles in other markets. 

Hero has set its sights squarely on the Mexican market. Bringing their budget-friendly Maestro Edge 125. 

And new financing options along for the adventure as they attempt to make a name for their brand.

Hero MotoCorp Head of Global Business Sanjay Bhan said

“This is an important development in our international business growth story”.

via Hindustan Times

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