There are few things safer than a motorcycle, especially in the hands of an experienced rider. But as technology progresses, it becomes apparent that this statement can no longer be casually used at face value.

Today’s riders want to experience more from their motorcycles, just as owners of Yamaha’s sport-touring machines have come to expect.

And while the brand was only recently the first manufacturer to add an adaptive cruise control system to its machines, the next logical step became apparent; a motorcycle that could navigate winding roads to increase safety on modern busy highways.



The Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ is not only the first Yamaha to feature an adaptive cruise control system, but the system itself is also linked to an onboard millimetre wave radar.

Further, the bike’s Unified Brake System is also linked to the radar and works seamlessly with the riding modes and the updated third generation of our quickshifter system.

Adaptive cruise control system. This feature highlights YAMAHA’s new sports tourer with its advanced radar, braking hardware, and software. Using this feature, the rider can set a desired speed while the motorcycle tracks the distance to a preceding vehicle.

With pre-warning in the form of audio and visual alerts delivered from the motorcycle and preceding vehicle speed difference or rider acceleration/deceleration, the rider can adjust the pace accordingly to maintain a set distance.

This video explains how the flagship model of our sport-touring lineup brings new groundbreaking advances to motorcycling.

Tracer9GT+ has an adapted millimetre wave radar. It enabled adaptive cruise control and the world’s first “Radar-linked Unified Brake System”.

The electronic suspension “KADS” also aided together. Riders can enjoy riding maximum at their destination while supported by these systems on the way, such as highways.

Presented during “Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System” at 2022 Safety Vision and Technology Briefing by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha YouTube

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