Yamaha has already revealed 2021 MT-09. And we also compare the new MT09 with the Krax Moto’s version of Yamaha MT09 Fazer.


First impressions sleek, stylish and raw. The teaser is of 0.24 seconds and talks more about the design.

Now we can see another new video which is close to 1.52 seconds which reveals the entire bike.


Going by the images, we see the design is enhanced, and Yamaha gets rid of the alien-looking headlight.

And it also comes with a new two-way quick shift engine and modern equipment. The original images did take us by surprise. 

The new design is entirely different from Yamaha’s hyper naked DNA as the bikes under the hyper naked DNA has two sharp protruding headlights.

Further, there are two LED strips present on each side of the headlight, and it does look ravishing. 

The design is a combination of both classy hyper naked the MT-03 and MT-07. The fuel tank looks curvier and chiselled.

Electronic Package

The New MT-09 comes with quick multicolour TFT dash. To enhance the electronic package gets the traction control, driving modes and a cool two way up and down quickshifter.

Although Yamaha has not revealed many details, the new MT-09 is all set to arrive with new three-cylinder CP3 engine -890 cc, more excellent power -118 HP- and maximum torque – 88 kW.

Besides, MT-09 is a Euro5 compliant and will get the new silencer under the crankcase, new frame delta box and new rear subframe.

2021 Yamaha MT09 vs the MT09 Fazer by Krax

Let’s compare the MT-09 vs the Krax Moto’s 2021 MT09 Frazer. You can see that the difference is evident.

Yamaha’s new 2021 MT09

  • While the paint scheme remains much the same in the 2021 MT09 Frazer by Krax, it does get the lightweight Marchesini wheels.
  • Mirrors are absent in the Krax design.
  • The 2021 MT09 Fazer gets a single seat when compared with the new 2021 MT09.
  • The golden exhaust comes replaced with black and round end exhaust which aligns with the design.
  •  With blinkers inside the fairing, the front takes cues from the R1 and looks very sleek.
  • The rear portion comes pulled up with the absence of the rear blinkers, and the rear looks like it comes from the R1.

Krax’s MT09 Fazer version

Notably, Krax’s version of MT09 Fazer looks fresh and futuristic.

Teaser video of new MT09


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