Kymco to make a mark at the 2021 EICMA motor show

 Kymco to make a mark at the 2021 EICMA motor show

The announcement of COVID-19, which was released in early October 2019, came as a surprise to the industry.

The new regulations set by the World Health Organization aim to ensure that all travellers coming from affected countries will be quarantined.

For four weeks before they are allowed into a country and checked for any symptoms of the virus such as fever or fatigue.

It was the case with MotoGP.With the scale of this expo and its attendees, it’s quite an honour to be part of them.

For Kymco, that means more than multiple years of constant presence and commitment to motorcycling.

After having said that, however.Kymco will already have a brief stint at the show before the year ends.

With their product lines being highlighted at two major exhibitions – AIMExpo and INTERMOT before EICMA in 2021.

With its upcoming products, Kymco is planning to make its entry into the European market.

To do this, Kymco has already started a careful analysis of the product reviews. And feedback received at different international exhibitions. In the last few years and will continue to learn and improve to meet the requirements of European customers better.

via Insella

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Akash Dolas

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