December 2020 was rife with much news coming in from Harley’s stable.

  1. Harley made plans to move out of India.
  2. Harley and Hero Motocorp to go in hand in hand in India
  3. And lastly, Harley to appoint ten dealers in India.

We now see the plan getting accomplished as they bring Ravi Avalur as the Business Unit Head. 

Ravi Avalur gets his reporting manager as Dr Pawan Munjal, Chairman & CEO, Hero MotoCorp.


Since January 18 Harley also has started to dispatch their products. Plus there are new 11 Harley dealers across India.

  • Bengal Speed Automobiles Pvt Ltd (Bengal Harley-Davidson): Kolkata
  • Bafna Motorcycles Pvt Ltd (Seven Islands Harley-Davidson): Mumbai
  • Concept Motorbike Company Pvt Ltd (Nine Bridges Harley-Davidson): Ahmedabad
  • Moksha Motorbike Company Pvt Ltd (Two Rivers Harley-Davidson): Pune
  • Uttam Sons Pvt Ltd (Foothills Harley-Davidson): Dehradun
  • Srijayalakshmi Automobiles Pvt Ltd (Banjara Harley-Davidson): Hyderabad
  • Tusker Motorcycles Pvt Ltd (Tusker Harley-Davidson): Bengaluru (Lavelle Road)
  • East Coast Motors (Marina Harley-Davidson): Chennai
  • Excelsior Motors Pvt Ltd (Spice Coast Harley-Davidson): Kochi
  • Jyoti Automotives Pvt Ltd (Konark Harley-Davidson): Bhubaneshwar
  • Sterling Motorbikes Pvt Ltd (Capital Harley-Davidson): Delhi (Mathura Road)

We further see Hero MotoCorp will go beyond these 11 cities to provide accessories, service and components to its customers.


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