Malaguti teasing upcoming electric scooter and future models for 2022

 Malaguti teasing upcoming electric scooter and future models for 2022

The Malaguti Drakon 125 was first showcased at the EICMA 2019 as the brand’s flagship model. Initially intended to hit the road in 2020, this naked streetfighter stirred quite a buzz among motorcycle enthusiasts. 

However, the world flipped upside down when COVID-19 hit and affected countries across multiple industries. 

Suddenly, changed plans and manufacturers had to start from scratch. Fast forward to the 23 rd of November. And we come across what appears to be a new development regarding the Drakon 125.

It’s been over two years after news about Malaguti Motorcycles’ Drakon first emerged. The Malaguti made Drakon for passionate riders looking to have fun with a versatile, practical motorcycle for everyday use.

Incorporating striking traits of modern naked appearance and angular lines. Owing to Covid, delayed the debut of the Drakon.

But it appears Malaguti is ironing the things, as sketches depicting slight revisions already surfaced in July 2021. The debut is likely to happen sometime in EICMA 2021.


The Drakon will get a 125cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder motor capable of calibrating 13.5 hp.

From what we saw and based on everything we know so far. The Drakon comes projected to be a beginner-friendly naked bike with a sporty design and decent performance. 

It will also be built for comfort and should come with decent ergonomics and some features aimed at providing the best possible experience to both new riders and more experienced ones.

The Drakon 125 is also set to get a full-colour TFT console and ABS-equipped rear and front brakes. Plus, it will have a set of premium suspensions.

Owners of Malaguti, KSR says the Drakon 125 is the first step it’s making to secure Malaguti’s future in the entry-level segment, which KTM’s ubiquitous-yet-excellent 125 Duke currently dominates. 

We doubt many people can match KTM for quality or functionality, but with this new naked bike, Malaguti may just have a chance to challenge KTM for market share. 

Judging from the unveil, it looks as though KSR’s design team have taken design cues from several current 125cc motorcycles on the market.

Further, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Malaguti has announced its intention to launch a new scooter in 2022, which will have an electric powertrain, according to what is seen in the teaser. 


An official announcement of the bike’s maker did not appear so far. However, Malaguti may plan to launch a whole range of bikes powered by electricity in the future. 

via Malaguti

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