Italian motorcycle firm unveils outlandish 125cc concept bike

 Italian motorcycle firm unveils outlandish 125cc concept bike

The new Malaguti will launch in 2021 with new models based on the Drakon 125 concept. These are the first motors to be manufactured by KSR Group since acquiring the brand.

And although the images of the Drakon show Malaguti’s traditional white colour scheme.No pictures of a painted version is yet to arrive.

Powered by a 125cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine.The Malaguti Drakon 125 concept promises to deliver “the ultimate naked city bike.”

Malaguti has also added some design features to the standard Drakon that are sure to make it stand out against its competition.


The mainframe, for example, arrives painted in a deep shade of black. And comes paired with an aluminium swingarm.

Drakon 125

Both the frame and swingarm can be found in various shades of black. And constructed from bar and chromium-molybdenum.

The fuel tank has been built from aluminium.While the handlebars come mounted to a double-cradle frame adorned with black components and stainless steel inserts.

Further, the production model will arrive with accessories like blinkers, reflectors and mirrors. The final form will also have the passenger footpegs accompanied by the seat grab handle.

When we compare the Drakon 125 concept with its production model.We may not see any changes in components like its aesthetics, exhaust or wheels.

The critical question remains when do we see the final form. With 2021 EICMA on its way, Malaguti may have there plans to unveil the Drakon 125

via Malaguti


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