Fuell-Flluid Cover

Introducing the all-new Flluid e-bike lineup, including the world’s longest-range Flluid-2 model and the first step-through e-bike, Flluid-3.

The Flluid-2 models (assistance to 20 mph (2) and 28 mph (2S)) are perfect for adventurous riders who love to explore on their e-bikes. With a dual battery capacity of 2kW, you can now travel up to an incredible 225 miles on a single charge! That’s enough to ride from NY to DC or LA to Las Vegas. Talk about fantastic mileage!

And for those who want a long-range option with a step-through design, Flluid is thrilled to present the Flluid-3 models (assistance to 20 mph (3) and 28 mph (3S)). With a single battery capacity of 1kW, you can easily ride up to 110 miles and look great doing it!


The company is now accepting pre-orders for both Flluid models. By placing a $30 deposit, you can secure a $2,100 discount on MSRP for Flluid 2 models and a $1,900 discount on MSRP for Flluid 3 models. Be one of the first to get your hands on one of the new Flluid e-bikes as they launch them officially in about a month!

You can Prebook here

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