MotoMorini has decided to launch the updated STR and SCR bikes in Europe through its authorized importer MotoMondo. They will introduce newly designed models of the company’s para twin Seiemmezzo street bikes in the Netherlands and Belgium. 


MotoMorini STR and SCR are modifications of the primary Seiemmezzo platform, and they share similar tech and chassis with different styling touches. And this gives them more versatility to be used as practical and quick everyday motorcycles. Both these models have Kawasaki-licensed 649cc parallel-twin motor with 61 horsepower and 37.8 ft-lbs of torque.

The Italian brand released two completely different models from a partnership with Kawasaki in its new line. As already mentioned, the Seiemmezzo features a 650 cc engine, identical in performance to that of the X-Cape.



In terms of their market positioning, the Seiemmezzo models occupy an important place in the motorcycle range at Moto Morini. These motorcycles are lighter than the traditional naked models and have intense competition from other manufacturers in this category. They also possess off-road features with high ground clearance and styling closer to adventure bikes.

Style and design

Both the SCR and STR are “enduro style” motorcycles, but that is where their similarities begin and end. The SCR is built with a more off-road-oriented mindset, while the STR has a slightly more relaxed touring feel.

The SCR gets a tall handlebar with wire-spoke wheels and other design features. At the same time, STR features alloy wheels.

European bike enthusiasts now have another option: a reliable motorcycle manufacturer. Both Moto Morini models have the same wheel sizes:18 inches on the front and 17 inches on the rear. Angel GT street tires for their first bike, the STR, and Pirelli MT60RS all-road tires for their second offering, the SCR.


Both these motorcycles get a 5-inch TFT console with backlit buttons to control on handlebars. Further, they manage Bluetooth connections for smartphones and other devices. Not to forget the helmet communication.

High-grade components

Along with the superior performance, Moto Morini bikes are also recognizable for their incredibly stylish designs. They have also proven themselves to be highly durable and reliable in action. 

And this happens with reliable, good-quality components like fuel injection and ABS from Bosch, Pirelli tires supported by Brembos on both ends and fully adjustable Kayaba suspension with 120 mm travel on both models.

Again SCR and STR weigh close to 200 kilograms (dry) with a seat height of 81cms and a fuel tank with a 16-litre capacity.

Shades and price

The SCR arrives in three different shades.

  • Blue Storm,
  • Navy Green and
  • Night Black

The STR also has three shades

  • Fire Red,
  • Starlight White and
  • Smoky Anthracite

MotoMorini made sure the STR also has the A2 variant. However, MotoMorini has still not disclosed the prices of these two models.



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