MV Agusta and Hertz Ride collaborate

 MV Agusta and Hertz Ride collaborate

MV Agusta and Hertz Ride enter in a new partnership. The partnership allows thousands of moto tourism enthusiasts who tour with Hertz Ride every year to have brand new MV Agusta models available for their next riding experience. 

Hertz Ride offers a wide range of fully equipped, high-end motorcycles for rent in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and the United States. 

Their ambition is to deliver the tour of a lifetime to all motorcycle lovers and moto tourism enthusiasts. Hertz Ride has decided to enlarge its motorcycle brands’ portfolio and be relevant to new riders.

MV Agusta models

In Europe, the chosen brand is MV Agusta. Starting in Italy and France, MV Agusta models – Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS and Dragster Rosso – are available to rent. 

Portugal and Spain will follow at the beginning of the 2021 riding season and, later, the USA. 

This collaboration couldn’t be more appropriate, as MV Agusta and Hertz Rideshare the same motorcycling ideals. And they both are in constant search for innovation and offer the best experience and the most enjoyable adventure when riding a motorcycle.

MV Agusta’s mission is not only to design, develop, and manufacture the most advanced motorcycles in the world but also to craft emotions. 

This vision concurs with Hertz Ride’s DNA, which seeks to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with a tour of a lifetime. 

With cleverly designed routes meant to be complete and remarkable life experiences. A true escape from the daily routine with the finest motorcycles on the market.


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Akash Dolas

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