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What does the new 2021 Brutale get?

The main new features of the new 2021 BRUTALE 1000

  • EURO 5 low friction engine.
  • Redesigned exhaust.
  • New IMU inertial platform.
  • Continental ABS with cornering function and
  • Redesigned footpegs.

208 “brutal” horsepower. An even more muscular engine, extended equipment and a more capable chassis. 

It is the new Brutale 1000 RR MY21 summed up in a single sentence. 


From the engine to the chassis, every bike area has been updated by revamped electronics. An MV Agusta is exclusive not only in the segment but across today’s entire motorcycle panorama. 

The four cylinders with radial valves continue to undergo development. With their components further improved to reduce internal friction.


An extremely high-performance engine that is remarkably sophisticated in terms of its materials. 

The titanium con-rods, for example, are a unique element in the naked segment. 

Titanium is also used for the valves (intake and exhaust). An exclusive technical choice that ensures greater power and high engine speeds worthy of a true superbike. 

Timing is updated with new cam phasing new camshafts that adopt unique phasing to fill out the torque curve at medium/low rpm. 

Using a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating for the valve, tappets cut down on friction and improve reliability. 

The addition of new primary drive gearing helps .reduce friction between the gears. At the same time, overall transmission has been strengthened to improve reliability. Especially during the impressive start guaranteed by the Launch Control. 

In contrast, the EAS 3.0 electronic gearbox, now in its third generation, has a new sensor for more precise shifting and more comfortable insertion. The four-exit exhaust, an unmistakable MV Agusta Brutale trademark, boasts a revised central manifold. The purpose?

To emphasise the unmistakable Brutale sound while fully conforming to Euro 5 regulations.

Thanks to this new platform, traction and FLC wheelie controls can fully protect the rider’s safety while remaining “performance-oriented”. They are offering the maximum possible acceleration in complete protection. 

Expressly, the FLC does not limit the wheelie but controls it. The ABS boasts a new Continental MK100 module complete with a cornering function to ensure ultimate braking control even at an angle. 

Electronic package

The comprehensive 5.5” TFT instrumentation, which communicates with the MV Ride app. Allows users to customise every aspect of the bike directly from their smartphone while also offering more ‘traditional ‘ functions, such as recording and sharing itineraries. 

Thanks to its mirroring function, the dashboard can be used as a navigator with turn-by-turn directions. 

Every function can be quickly accessed and navigated via the joystick on the left block. The TPMS sensor for monitoring tyre pressure is now available as an optional.

Now, a few targeted structural updates make it even more ridable on narrow, uneven paths.


The suspension boosts load transfer control. And the ability to absorb rough surfaces. All of which makes the new 2021 Brutale 1000 RR even more effective on the road.

The ultra-lightweight forged wheels emphasise its handling. At the same time, the complete Brembo braking system with radial master cylinder and Stylema callipers are simply state of the art.

A unique and unmistakable design does not need continual updates. The look of the Brutale 1000 RR remains unchanged, as do the distinctive lines and carbon elements.

Although ongoing available research has led to redesigned footpegs, now forged, for better riding control.



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