Fischer MRX 650 - (5)-X3-20

Fischer MRX

The Fischer MRX resulted from an unlikely partnership between roadracer-cum-entrepreneur Dan Fischer and Hyosung in what was marketed as “The Affordable Exotic.”

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The highlights are that in 2001, Dan felt like there was a market for a true American Superbike – similar to the idea that Walter Roehr had with the Roehr 1250S. 

Rotax 990 CC V Twin

The simplified idea was to create a custom body to mate with Rotax’s 990cc V-Twin – you may remember that engine from the Aprilia Tuono.

He got some local expertise to help with development, and things were looking good.

Unfortunately, Aprilia took exception with their engines being supplied to a start-up competitor. And Rotax pulled out of the partnership with no warning quite late in the development cycle.

Fischer’s instantly stalled bike. In 2004, Hyosung broke into the US market with two bikes powered by a 647cc twin. 

Dan saw this engine as a way to bring his bike back to life and changed the marketing from ‘American world-beater’ to ‘affordable exotic.’


They have suspension duties assigned to fully adjustable 43mm Daesung forks and an Ohlins mono-shock.

However, the brake discs were the same on the Hyosung GT650 Comet. However, they upgraded the lines to stainless units from Goodridge, and they changed the master cylinder to a Brembo unit.

It would be another couple of years before the MRX 650 would sell to the general public in 2006. Fischer put together a press fleet of MRX’s to introduce the world to the supersport. 

The December 2006 issue of Motorcyclist had the MRX as its cover story as an extensive writeup and review by Alan Cathcart. 

The bike’s general reception from the media was positive – including Cathcart’s piece. However, this wasn’t enough to ensure good sales figures, especially when the model was finally released right on the heels of a global recession.

This example is VIN: 1F9RS77E89P331007.

The seller acquired it two years ago from a private party in Apex, North Carolina. Who had let it sit for approximately six years? He then brought it back to life as described below and has put five test miles on it.

The odometer shows 6,958 miles.

He has email correspondence with Dan Fischer, who noted that “yours was one of the first units built. 

The customer picked it up directly from the factory and drove it straight to Tulsa after a meal with my wife and me, men July 2009. Glad to hear it’s getting used.” Dan added that in total, 30 MRXs were built, “25 like yours from my memory.”

The seller states no known mechanical issues, adding that it “runs great and is road ready if desired.” 

Within the last six months, the bike received a new air filter, new lithium battery, brake fluid flush, coolant flush. New shifter seal, new chain, new vacuum fuel petcock, new vacuum fuel pump, new fuel. And vacuum lines, oil/filter change, battery tender plug, and a carb rebuild/sync.

Cosmetic Blemishes: the seller notes a paint crack on the left rear tail cover, chipping paint on the chrome plastic piece between the headlights, and trim paint chips on the bottom fairings.

Source: Iconic

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