FANTIC MOTOR FR 700-1- Bezzi

It’s exciting to speculate about the potential move of FANTIC MOTOR into the road motorcycle segment, especially given their involvement and achievements in the Moto2 World Championship. You’ve made several logical assumptions:

Racing as an Advertisement

Using racing as a platform for advertising and brand positioning is a well-established strategy in the motorcycle industry. When manufacturers compete at high levels and achieve good results, it not only enhances their brand image but also demonstrates their technical prowess.


Drawing from Racing Experience

Many motorcycle manufacturers translate their learnings from the track to produce high-performance road motorcycles. This synergy between racing and production models can lead to advancements in technology, aerodynamics, and overall performance.

YAMAHA Engine Derivation

The choice of the 700cc twin-cylinder engine from YAMAHA for the FANTIC CABALLERO provides a strong hint towards the possible powertrain for a future sportbike. This engine, modified for race conditions, could serve as a solid foundation for a road-going super sport model.

Potential Rivalry with Veneta

We look at the potential rivalry between FANTIC and another well-regarded Italian manufacturer (possibly Aprilia, Ducati, or another notable brand from the Veneto region). Given the competitive nature of the motorcycle market, having such rivalries can be beneficial as it drives innovation and progress.

Moto2 World Championship

To answer the question: “Will FANTIC hit the target on the first try?” – it’s challenging to predict with certainty. However, considering FANTIC’s racing pedigree, their collaboration with established brands like YAMAHA, and the potential for transferring technology and insights from the track to the street, they do have several factors in their favour.


Regardless, entering a market segment with a high-performance road motorcycle and competing against established brands is no small task. Success will depend on a combination of factors including pricing, marketing, performance, reliability, and the overall reception of the product by critics and customers.

Here are some of the things that Fantic Motor can do to increase their chances of success with the FR 700:

  • Make sure the motorcycle is well-engineered and performs well.
  • Price the motorcycle competitively.
  • Build a strong dealer network.
  • Invest in marketing and advertising.

It will be interesting to observe FANTIC’s moves in the coming years. The motorcycle industry, like many others, is ever-evolving, and the entrance of a promising contender can shake things up in intriguing ways.

Oberdan Bezzi

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