Electric scooters have been around in the world for a few decades now. However, they’ve still considered niche transportation units. 

There are countries where electric scooters are becoming mainstream and are gradually replacing motorbikes. 

Take China and India as a case point. While my homeland of India is moving maturely towards using electric bikes on larger scales, I’d like to talk about Europe.



It has been a while since we last heard something about the stunningly beautiful electric scooter, the LVNENG S6. 

From the start, when released, it was evident that this particular model aimed to completely defy all expectations of what an electric scooter should be. 

With its unique retro-inspired design and outstanding performance, this stylish ride managed to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Available for sale in Europe as of now, it will take some time for this two-wheel baby to arrive on US shores and to other parts of the globe.



It’s called the S6, and it’s the first electric scooter from LVNENG (pronounced “Lu-Neng”), a company that boasts of being “an electric and lifestyle brand.” It looks good, has excellent performance, and is built to last — all at a price that one could consider affordable. 

And indeed, the S6 makes an impressive first impression. So, let’s explore what makes this scooter tick!

It takes a lot to stand out in the competitive world of electric scooters. That said, the LVNENG S6 has managed to garner quite a bit of attention despite its late arrival and novel approach.

The newcomer breaks away from your conventional scooter design by opting for a retro look that’s reminiscent of scooters from the 1960s. And in France, we do see six models.


Advantage over Vespa Elettrica

The LVNENG S6 is quite a charming retro-style electric scooter that has appeal. But how well does it stack up to the Vespa Elettrica? In terms of price, the S6 has a slight edge on the Vespa Elettrica both when it comes to top price. The S6 costs 5,649 Euros in France while Vespa Elettrica costs while the high-end Vespa Elettrica costs 6,710 Euros.


S6 is LVNENG’s EQ125 model. an electric scooter capable of travelling at 75 km/h, offering increased speed, acceleration and autonomy thanks to its two LG cell batteries mounted in series for a total capacity of 63Ah. S6 is accessible to all holders of a B license and 125 training and, of course, to all holders of a motorcycle licence.


Its 4000 W motor is the most powerful in the range. Coupled with the latest generation FOC vector controller, the S6 can easily climb slopes over 30%, alone or in pairs, and above all accelerate linearly from 0 to 75 km/h. 

With pleasure, power, elegance, and comfort, S6 is the ideal scooter for getting out of town and embarking on memorable rides.

via Lvneng

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