New SWM Gran Milano 500

The SWM Gran Milano 500 is a premium 500cc motorcycle with Italian heritage and Chinese ownership, featuring a 48-horsepower parallel-twin engine based on Honda’s CB500 series. It boasts a lightweight steel backbone frame, KYB suspension, and 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels with Pirelli tires.

With a competitive price of 5,990 euros, it targets the European market as a beginner-friendly, A2 license-compliant option. This modern-styled streetfighter offers a blend of performance and accessibility, competing with established models like the Honda CB500F. Its introduction signifies the continued growth of the middleweight motorcycle segment, appealing to enthusiasts and riders seeking a versatile and stylish option.

500cc motorcycle

The middleweight motorcycle segment indeed continues to thrive, especially in the 400cc to 500cc range, with new models entering the market, as witnessed at EICMA 2023. One notable addition to this segment is the SWM Gran Milano 500, a premium beginner-friendly offering for the European market.


Summary of the SWM Gran Milano 500

  • Brand: SWM (Italian brand owned by Chinese company Shineray)
  • Type: Beginner-friendly streetfighter motorcycle
  • Engine: 494cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin with 48 horsepower (based on Honda’s CB500 engine)
  • Features: Steel frame, KYB suspension, 790mm seat height, cast-aluminum wheels, Pirelli Angel GT tires, dual-channel ABS
  • Price: 5,990 euros (slightly cheaper than Honda CB500F)
  • Availability: Now in Europe

Engine and Performance: The SWM Gran Milano 500 is powered by a 494cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine with a 180-degree crankshaft configuration. This engine configuration is shared with other Chinese bikes, such as those from Loncin (Voge in the European market). Notably, this engine is derived from Honda’s CB500 range of street bikes, which have a strong global market presence. In the case of the Gran Milano 500, it produces 48 horsepower and is Euro 5 compliant. The power is transmitted to the rear wheel through a six-speed manual gearbox.

Chassis and Suspension: SWM claims a wet weight of 188 kilograms for the Gran Milano 500, making it accessible for beginner riders. The motorcycle features a steel backbone frame that utilizes the engine as a stressed member, contributing to its lightweight construction. It boasts KYB-sourced suspension components, including an inverted front fork and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock. These components result in a comfortable 790-millimeter (31-inch) seat height. The bike rolls on 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels equipped with Pirelli Angel GT rubber. Braking is handled by dual front discs (296 millimeters) and a single rear rotor (240 millimeters) sourced from J.Juan, featuring dual-channel ABS.

Middleweight motorcycle

Let’s analyze the key aspects of the SWM Gran Milano 500:

  • Engine and Performance:
    • The Gran Milano 500 is equipped with a 494cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with fuel injection.
    • It features a 180-degree crankshaft configuration.
    • The engine’s power output is 48 horsepower.
    • It complies with Euro 5 emission standards.
    • The transmission is a six-speed manual gearbox.
    • The engine is based on Honda’s CB500 range.
  • Chassis and Suspension:
    • The motorcycle has a wet weight of 188 kilograms, making it suitable for beginners.
    • It utilizes a steel backbone frame with the engine acting as a stressed member, contributing to its lightweight design.
    • Suspension components include an inverted front fork and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock, both sourced from KYB.
    • The seat height is 790 millimeters (31 inches).
    • It rides on 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels with Pirelli Angel GT tires.
  • Braking and Safety:
    • The bike features dual front discs (296 millimeters) and a single rear rotor (240 millimeters) sourced from J.Juan.
    • It comes equipped with dual-channel ABS for enhanced safety.
  • Pricing and Competition:
    • The SWM Gran Milano 500 is priced at 5,990 euros (approximately $6,531 USD).
    • It competes with the Honda CB500F, which is priced slightly higher at around 6,300 euros or $6,869 USD.
  • Manufacturer Background:
    • SWM, originally an Italian brand (Speedy Working Motors), was founded in the 1970s and focused on enduro and motocross.
    • It is now owned by a Chinese company, Shineray, which is involved in the automotive industry across cars, motorcycles, and heavy vehicles.
    • While SWM’s headquarters remain in Italy, most of its funding, development, and production take place in China under Shineray’s leadership.
  • Segment and Market Trends:
    • The SWM Gran Milano 500 enters the competitive middleweight motorcycle segment, particularly in the 400cc to 500cc range.
    • This segment is witnessing significant growth with multiple new models entering the market.
    • The bike is designed to fit into the A2 licensing category, catering to beginner riders.

Italian heritage bike

Pros and Cons

EngineProven Honda platform, reliable and powerfulNot as unique or exciting as some other engines
PriceSlightly cheaper than Honda CB500FStill not the most affordable option in the market
ErgonomicsBeginner-friendly, comfortable seat heightMay not be as comfortable for taller riders
FeaturesGood suspension, ABS brakes, Pirelli tiresBasic features, not as feature-packed as some competitors
OverallGood value for the price, reliable engine, beginner-friendlyNot the most exciting or unique option, not the cheapest

Pricing and Availability: The SWM Gran Milano 500 is competitively priced at 5,990 euros (approximately $6,531 USD), making it slightly cheaper than the Honda CB500F, a well-established model in the 500cc naked bike category, which is priced at around 6,300 euros or $6,869 USD at the time of writing.


In conclusion, the SWM Gran Milano 500 stands as a compelling addition to the middleweight motorcycle segment. With its 494cc parallel-twin engine, Euro 5 compliance, and affordable pricing at 5,990 euros, it competes effectively with established models like the Honda CB500F. Its lightweight frame, quality suspension, and rider-friendly features make it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced riders. The fusion of Italian heritage and Chinese innovation results in a stylish and capable streetfighter that caters to a diverse range of motorcycling enthusiasts. As the middleweight segment continues to thrive, the Gran Milano 500 offers a promising option for those seeking a thrilling and accessible riding experience.

Explore the SWM Gran Milano 500 today to experience Italian design and Chinese engineering in a 500cc streetfighter. Discover its impressive performance, competitive pricing, and beginner-friendly features. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting your motorcycling journey, this bike offers an exciting blend of power and accessibility. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ride this modern masterpiece. Visit your nearest dealership or check online for availability and test rides. Embrace the thrill of the road with the SWM Gran Milano 500 – your ticket to an exhilarating ride awaits!

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