News : Dealers halt deliveries of new BMW S1000RR

 News : Dealers halt deliveries of new BMW S1000RR

First copies had just arrived of the new BMW S1000RR to the dealers in Germany and our sources have said that dealers had to stop the deliveries upto a 350 motorcycles of which 113 belong to Germany itself

BMW spokesman Gerhard Lindner and Tim Diehl-Thiele adressed and said  “During three weeks of production period” in May in the Berlin motorcycle factory one of three identical manufacturing tools had an unnoticed defect.

As a result, an oil hole on the gearbox may not have been executed correctly, which could lead to gearbox damage in the long term.

We are now looking at all 340 of the S 1000 RR produced in the time. For those who were made with the help of that machine, we change the engine for safety’s .

Few customers who already have such a motorcycle are now contacted by BMW,” says Lindner. A circular letter to the dealers was also in preparation”.

We did not expect this mass of orders. Especially the top equipment in the form of the “M-package” would be unexpectedly strong demand. According to a letter from the British BMW Motorrad boss to S 1000 RR customers published on the internet, in individual cases, delivery may even be delayed until the end of 2019. 

The letter will offer compensation to UK customers for a £ 500 Merchant Voucher if they uphold their order. However, this does not apply to Germany: “We will try to keep our customers mobile,” said spokesman Lindner. Corresponding plans are currently being worked out by BMW “

Source : BMWMotorrad 

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