News : Greyps new e-bikes are here

 News : Greyps new e-bikes are here

Greyp designs, they engineer high-end, smart and connected e-Bikes with amazing technology and performance. Everyone is fascinated about technology and Greyp is not afraid to use it to upgrade your riding experience. This is Greyp’s mission.

Designed to give you fun the Greyp ebikes are available in three different forms.

  • G6.1 Bold FS
  • G6.2 Expert FS
  • G6.3 Rebel FS

The G6 comes with two implicit cameras. One is in the front, and the other in the back. The front camera is incorporated in the Central Intelligence Module, while the back one is underneath the seat post. These two will prove to be useful for all the cool stuff you will in general get yourself into amid the declining rides or simply your customary drive.

There are other cool features like

  • MPFs 6.0c motor is connected with Greyps SIM and Battery pack.Assistance level changes depending upon your heart rate.
  • G6 is powered with in-house custom battery pack which is placed at the center of the bike
  • App for Greyp is one of the most important features which keeps user well connected and provides updates.
  • The CIM ( Central Intelligence Module ) is integrated in Greyp Custom SIM. The objective is to provide updates even when you are not connected with your bike and also to access some fantastic features.

Priced at € 6,499.00 G6.1 Bold FS is head-turner and sure to provide you happy rides. Slightly higher version G6.2 Expert FS is priced at € 6,999.00 and the most higher version G6.3 Rebel FS will cost you at € 7,499.00

Source : Greyps

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