News : New Triumph Daytona 765 spied

 News : New Triumph Daytona 765 spied

Spy shot of Triumph Daytona 765 taken in Spain.The model of the picture would be an R or SE model or it may be the third series of TFC series.There is also the possibility of appearing in line with Moto 2 as the engine tuning, carbon bodywork, limited number model, super luxury specs.

The appearance is almost the same as the final Triumph Daytona 675.Although the appearance of the engine is Street Triple 765, the technology obtained in the development of Moto 2 engine seems to be used.Front and rear suspension is the same as final Daytona 675, it looks like NIX 30 and TTX.The caliper is Brembo’s Stylema

The meter is a full color liquid crystal, the handle switch box is a fellow with a joystick.I can expect meter display for public roads and circuits.You can expect multiple modes of loading, sports, tracks, rains, user set modes, etc.We also expect 6 axis IMU. (Cornering ABS, slide control etc.).

I think the up and down quick shifter is also suitable for a motorcycle for such a circuit.When it will be announced is not know.Since Moto 2 will start on March 10, it is a good time to reveal the existence of the new type Daytona there.We do not expect commercial models to appear at the end of 2019 as soon as possible.

The body is almost the same as the final Triumph Daytona 675, the caliper is Stylma, the meter and the switch box are changed, and the engine is like a street triple 765 series.


Pic Source : MCN

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