News : Suzuki Switzerland collaborates with Moto Virus for naked bike

News : Suzuki Switzerland collaborates with Moto Virus for naked bike

Suzuki Switzerland has structured a naked bike dependent on the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 R together with the Moto Virus from Friborg. The 202 hp bike praises its debut at the Swiss Moto in Zurich

Not that in Suzuki’s model program a solid, undisguised 1,000 would have been missing, however you have the GSX-S 1000 and spic and span Katana in the program. All things considered, Suzuki Switzerland, together with the submitted merchant Moto Virus from Friborg, put the Virus 1000 all alone – a stripped lady with massive power.

As right on time as 2011, Moto Virus supervisor Dominique Grangier and Suzuki Switzerland propelled an infection 1000 on GSX-R premise. For the season 2019 is presently the new version. The reason for the transformation is the GSX-R 1000 in the R form. The as of now brings various honorable parts, for example, the Showa BFT fork, a blipper and a controlling damper and 202 hp and 118 Nm of torque.

The change is ensured to have around 22,000 francs.

Grangier supplanted the full board with a little light cover with a squat circle. There are two new side radiator cowlings, a front spoiler and a little radiator grille. A progressively upstanding riding position is guaranteed by a Motacc Superbike handlebar mounted on another upper triple tree from a similar maker. Little LED turn signals total the change. The imagined Akrapovic exhaust, similar to the GSX-R, is just accessible at an extra expense.

The Suzuki Virus 1000 commends its debut at the Swiss Moto in Zurich towards the end of February. It would then be able to be requested in Switzerland from 15 March 2019. The cost is 21,995 francs. The transformation accompanies the full maker’s guarantee and purchasers are additionally given all dismantled unique connections.



Source : Suzuki

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