Remember the vintage-looking Kawasaki ZRX1200 the final model that came out was in 2016. The ZRX1200 had a water-cooled 1,164cc engine that was capable to produce 122hp and had a top speed of 237 km/h.

Globally ZRX1200 series came in three different variants. 

  • Partially faired ZRX1200S,
  • With bikini fairing ZRX1200R and
  • With no fairing ZRX1200N

Since the last model after 2016, there was no model manufactured to continue the ZRX1200 series and rumor suggests Kawasaki bringing this series with a newly developed engine that will be aligned to regulations.


However, the time is still not decided as to when it will arrive.

Do we expect any announcement in EICMA 2019?

Answer to this straight NO as it will take a couple of years for Kawasaki to rejuvenate this entire series.

Well till then our job is to keep on updating you.

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