Ola Electric: Bringing women force into manufacturing

 Ola Electric: Bringing women force into manufacturing

Given the nature of its business, Ola Electric seems to have emphasized the diversity of its workforce. Understanding that only relying on local expertise would not do it any good in the long run.

The company has emphasized employing women in various roles, including at the executive level.

As has been the case with other automakers in India, Ola Electric has received numerous loans and grants from different state governments. 

This focus on ensuring the availability of incentives has allowed the company to grow its portfolio of vehicles rather rapidly. 

The company isn’t just looking to sell EVs; it wants to make them, too. 

That’s right. Ola Electric intends to set up its EV manufacturing facility in Krishnagiri, Pochampalli in Tamil Nadu instead. 

It is still a work in progress, where it can boost production capacity for India and eventually for foreign markets.

Ola is confident that the FutureFactory will help it turn a profit after a year.

The e-scooter hub is also said to significantly reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and substantially jumpstart Ola Electric’s unit economics. 

And this would be producing 10 million two-wheeler units in 2022, which is 15 per cent of the entire world’s e-scooters. 

Further, they also want to build larger EVs, namely utilitarian three-wheelers and small electric cars.

Ola Electric is keen to bring about a paradigm shift in manufacturing and women’s workforce participation, improve their economic opportunities, and enhance the nation’s GDP. 

Ten thousand women will take up employment at the FutureFactory. Ola will provide each of these women with training to make sure they can work with 3000 robots.

Talking to  Bloomberg Bhavish Aggarwal, “Enabling women with economic opportunities improves not just their lives but that of their families and indeed the whole community.

via Bloomberg

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