Peugeot motorcycles to soon start the production of 300 Caferacer and Roadster

 Peugeot motorcycles to soon start the production of 300 Caferacer and Roadster

 In October 2014 M & M acquired a 51% controlling shares in Peugeot motorcycles.

After the 70-year hiatus, Peugeot motorcycle comes back in full force under the guidance of Mahindra and Mahindra. 

The 125cc Roadster, on the other hand, is a modern-classic street bike with oval headlights, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, raised handlebars and short front fender similar to the Caferacer.

In 2018 we saw P2X a concept revealed by Peugeot Motorcycles and everyone was waiting for the production version to hit the roads.



There were mainly two concepts one was a roadster and the other a Caferacer.

Well, the excellent news Peugeot plans to bring both these concepts in production.

President of distribution, Peugeot Italy, Mario Minella gave the go-ahead. The confirmation also comes in a way where he said the 150cc and 500cc products could come with 300 cc engine. Sounds great.



Both P2X Caferacer and Roadster gets the new platform. We don’t have to guess as they have different styling and cues.

The Roadster comes with a look similar to the Peugeot 515 of the 1930s while the Caferacer comes in Peugeot sports colours with additional clip-on bars, forged wheels and a single seat.

The 300cc Caferacer comes with a robust and aggressive riding posture; it is a modern-retro Caferacer.

As far as motor specs are concerned, both these bikes come with 300cc, DOHC, a liquid-cool engine with a single cylinder.

Power and torque are still under the wraps. We sure are not aware of the timelines when Peugeot will unveil the production versions.

However, we are confident it is M&M plants will manufacture both the variants. Now if it does happen, we could see a hint of Mahindra Mojo 300 in it as well.

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