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Intermot motorcycle show transitions to an annual event starting in 2024, moving to December instead of biennial fall timing. Details on the new format, timing, exhibitors, analysis of impacts with pros, cons and competitor comparisons.

The Evolution of Intermot: Europe’s Top Motorcycle Show Goes Annual

While winter marks the off-season for most motorcycle riders across Europe, it has long signaled exciting new beginnings for the industry. Every other fall, the marquee Intermot show in Cologne, Germany has served as a showcase for manufacturers, suppliers and enthusiasts to unveil their latest motorcycles, concepts, and technologies for the coming seasons.

However, Intermot’s biennial format has become strained in recent years amidst the quickening pace of innovation and heightened consumer expectations for electric mobility options in the motorcycle sector. Now, Intermot is set to evolve in 2024 to meet rapidly changing industry dynamics and better connect with winter buyer purchasing cycles.


For the first time in its storied history, Intermot is going annual. The landmark 2024 show will span four days from December 5th through the 8th in Cologne, kicking off what could become a permanent shift to winter cadence for one of motorcycling’s most influential global events.

The move aims to cement Intermot’s position among the top tier of must-attend industry showcases, while creating an elevated annual platform for unveiling cutting-edge bikes, mobility technologies and even more surprises from over 500 exhibitors.

If executed properly, Intermot’s ascendance to an annual event may completely redefine product launch cycles and winter shopping patterns for European motorcycle buyers. Let’s explore key details around Intermot’s format change and analyze the array of potential impacts across the industry.


  • Intermot hosted in Cologne, Germany since 1998 as influential European motorcycle show
  • Transitioning from hosting over 300,000 attendees every other fall to annual winter event
  • 2024 show slated for December 5-8, major brands already committed
  • Aligns with winter buying season and give more frequent unveilings
  • Reflects Intermot’s growth into globally relevant showcase

Key Impacts of Format Changes

More Frequent Showcases of New Models

  • Biennial format limited ability to keep up with the pace of motorcycle industry innovation
  • Transition to annual event allows more prototypes and early unveilings
  • Important given rise of EV motorcycles and new mobility technologies

Winter Timing Synced with Prime Buying Season

  • December event aligned with post-season consumer purchasing patterns
  • Enables attendees to view new options in-person before making decisions
  • Hands-on access drives more educated winter purchases

Elevated Platform for Global Launches

  • Yearly cadence and new timing cement Intermot as leading industry showcase
  • Early commitment from marquee European brands signals format changes hit the mark
  • Becomes proven high-impact launchpad for unveiling concept bikes and new technologies

Intermot’s Growth in Stature and Influence

  • Began in 1998 specific to European market
  • Expanded over the years into a globally relevant show
  • Now seen as equal to top shows in Japan and United States
  • Format change recognizes Intermot’s premier industry standing

Major Motorcycle Show Comparison

IntermotCologne, GermanyAnnualDecember300,000+
EICMAMilan, ItalyAnnualNovember600,000+
Tokyo Motor ShowTokyo, JapanBiennialOctober-November250,000+

Impact Analysis: Pros vs Cons of New Format

Key Pros

  • More frequent showcase of innovations
  • Tighter alignment with consumer purchasing habits
  • Cemented status as top global show
  • December weather could boost attendance

Potential Cons

  • Additional annual cost/resource demands for exhibitors
  • Less anticipation build by going annual?
  • Winter weather concerns?
  • Still trails EICMA in scale and attendance

2024 Event Details

  • December 5-8, 2024 Cologne, Germany
  • 500+ exhibitors / 300,000+ attendees
  • BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha, more committed early
  • Concept bikes, EV’s, new technologies expected

Conclusion: Intermot Comes of Age as Annual Event

Intermot’s transition to an annual winter event marks a milestone evolution for one of motorcycling’s most influential global showcases. No longer constrained by its biennial fall cadence, Intermot is positioned to better synchronize with buying seasons and accelerate the unveiling of two-wheeled innovations.

While the strain of an additional yearly show is real for exhibitors, the format change feels necessary given growth in the electric motorcycle segment and shifting consumer expectations. By claiming an annual spot on the calendar, Intermot also stands to close the gap with rival shows in prominence and attendance numbers over time.

What remains to be seen is if the new December timeline can draw even larger crowds with the lure of indoor test rides and fresh 2024 model year unveilings. Early commitments from marquee brands lend confidence that the industry will continue rallying around Cologne each winter.

For European enthusiasts, Intermot may soon represent the thrill of the holiday shopping season as much as the excitement of spring riding seasons. If electric mobility and consumer technologies continue evolving at breakneck speed, an annual Intermot seems inevitable.

After this watershed 2024 show, all eyes will be on exhibitor and attendee reception, as well as interactions between consumers and the next generation of two-wheeled marvels in the metal. Industry momentum points toward Intermot finding its stride as catalyst for winter sale that will shape the following years of motorcycle magic across Europe’s highways and mountain switchbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Intermot switch to an annual format?

Beginning in 2024, Intermot will now be held as an annual event every December 5-8 in Cologne, Germany.

Will it impact other major shows?

Intermot aims to join Italy’s EICMA show in providing annual global platforms for launch major new motorcycles and technology.

What can attendees expect at the new event?

The 2024 Intermot show will feature over 500 exhibitors unveiling concept bikes, electric motorcycles, mobility tech and more across 300,000 sq. feet of display space. Winter test rides may also be featured.

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