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Pramac Racing is glad to announce that the team’s formation will remain unchanged for the next MotoGP season. Johann Zarco.

The 30-year-old from France, and Jorge Martín, 23 years old from Spain, will defend the team colours once more for the next MotoGP season.

After the first six Grand Prix with three podiums, Zarco is second in the world standings. Martín mean whilst, a rookie in the highest tier, obtained a splendid third place at the second race in Qatar.

He then fell victim to a nasty crash at Portimao, which has kept him out of all the Grand Prix up to this weekend. Both riders, who are directly under a contract with Ducati, will use the Desmosedici GP 2022 next year.



Paolo Campinoti
We are delighted to continue on this “project” with Johann and Jorge, two boys with whom we get along very well and reach excellent results.

Both Ducati and ourselves firmly believe in their abilities; we couldn’t be happier.

Paolo Ciabatti
Johann and Jorge this year have inserted themselves very well in the Pramac Racing team. For this reason, together with Paolo Campinoti and Francesco Guidotti, we have decided to proceed with them into 2022.

We will put at the disposition of both the official bikes for next season as well. We are confident that they will provide us with many satisfactions.

via Pramac Ducati and Road Racing

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