With more and more states legalizing them, electric motorcycles are becoming a viable option for daily commuters. For those who live in big cities, these compact-sized vehicles are an excellent alternative to driving or taking public transportation.

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Electric mobility

Electric motorcycles also help reduce pollution and avoid producing greenhouse gas emissions simultaneously. With people having access to such eco-friendly vehicles, it was only a matter of time before somebody took an idea of the concept and ran with it.


However, E-motorcycle riders must also be cautious of their charge levels. Do not allow yourself to get stranded at a critical moment. Know that charging is available in cases where you run out of battery.

If you can charge the electric motorcycle, riders should be able to complete the journey without issue.

While electric motorcycles are more efficient and riding them is more accessible – you won’t have to fill up the tank with gas, nor do you need to stop at a gas station.

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Zero SR/F

You can plug it in your garage or at home instead, and they’re relatively quiet while accelerating – they still have their inconveniences. As YouTuber Marc Travels, who rode his electric motorcycle around the world, can tell you.

It’s been three months since Marc as he set out of Pisa, Italy, with his Zero SR/F. And he’s learned a lot in that time — good and bad — including some of the hard life lessons on the road. Some of his minor mistakes, like not charging the Zero SR/F earlier, prove costly as he has to search for the charging point the next day.

Watching YouTuber Marc shows a great love of the outdoors and a fun personality, and we could all use more of that. But he also vividly captures the reality of electric mobility in this video: its upsides and downsides. Marc’s video is about more than just electricity: adventure, risk, reward, and how life is on two wheels.

via Zero Motorcycles 

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