REV’IT! G-Force Shoes: Comfort and protection all in one

 REV’IT! G-Force Shoes: Comfort and protection all in one

Getting a pair of high-performance riding shoes that offer the comfort of a walking shoe with enough protection for some light road rash or stone bruises is no easy task.

 Most riders and enthusiasts, ourselves included, would like to buy a more comfortable and protective shoe instead of choosing between looks and functionality. 

We’ve all heard stories about boots offering excellent protection but being so bulky and uncomfortable you can hardly walk in them; we also know of walking shoes that look like they are for play rather than performance.


But recently, motorcycle apparel manufacturer Rev’It! They came out with a G-Force shoe line that looked just as cool as their all-weather jackets and rain suits. 

The Road model is crafted with an unlined mesh upper, giving them a casual look that works for weekend rides or bike nights. 


Unlike most riding shoes, though, these won’t burn your legs because they don’t have any insulation.

Sitting at a desk, riding to work or going about your daily business – days can seem long and monotonous. 

However, riders who take to the open road with a weekend leisure ride or a commute ride to work will be happy to know that REV’IT! has developed a stylish new pair of shoes specifically for this purpose – the G-Force. 


The G-Force shoe came with a protective cap toe and reinforced sidewalls that offer protection from rocks and debris. 

In addition, these shoes help prevent slips and fall on wet rides and provides grip for those slick wet days we Winter riders encounter.

All in all, the performance of these shoes in regards to safety is pretty impressive. The primary focus is on the protection provided for the rider’s feet instead of their hands covered by gloves. 

It is essential since protecting one’s toes can help prevent severe injuries before one even falls off the bike.

 Despite the G-Force being a little heavier than other road shoes, they are surprisingly comfortable. 

These shoes are EN 13634 certified and come in sizes from 39 to 47. Further, these do cost $165 (139.99 Euros).

However, these shoes are not waterproof, and you may have to use them in dry weather.

via Revit


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