We love the multifunctional aspect of things, so we celebrate when someone figures it out in the longest run. Now, we’re happy to see a trike that can turn an urban cargo trike into something else — with the push of a button. 


It is how Rhaetus electric folding cargo bike brings that beneficial multifunctional aspect to the forefront with its mindful design. That I’m sure you’ll love to the core.

It’s not easy being a bike owner in the city, especially if you have to haul some goods of your own. Sure, you can use a conventional bike in this regard. But the same is not always feasible for workers and freelancers who usually need more than just one regular delivery. 



That’s why the urban cargo trike makes such a big deal when making life easier for people of such ilk. 

The idea behind this ultra-cool bike is to make it enjoyable to ride in a city environment. Even when not hauling cargo. The folding mechanism and fun colour will win you over, but the clever and practical functions make this creation so unique.

The Rhaetus bike is a thriving innovative concept from multiple designers that turns any standard bike into a small cargo bike in less than five seconds. You can use this electric-bike-powered bike for hauling cargo. Parking at the office or even taking an adventurous ride down the road. 


Versatile ride

But this versatile ride doesn’t stop there. It can also transform into a cool-looking motorized vehicle. It means you can roll down the street looking like one of those hipsters. On their expensive three-wheelers. But don’t worry about falling flat on your face because there isn’t any risk – this is powered by electricity.

The Rhaetus Cargo Trike is precisely how we would imagine an ideal transportation solution for the future. It’s a three-wheeled. An electric-powered vehicle with a sturdy frame and enough space in the cargo room to carry large objects, pets or even kids. 

But more importantly than that. It’s a two-in-one vehicle that can change into a “regular” electric trike. When you need to feel like an ordinary biker in the city.

via Behance

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