Shoei, the top helmet manufacturer, plans to add 18 versions from September 2021.

The entire 18 version range will now come with a five-year guarantee.

And they have replaced the NXR with the NXR2. The eight-time world champion Marc Marquez is the brand ambassador of Shoei and wears Shoei X Spirit III.


However, he, along with his brother Alex Marquez wear NXR2. NXR2 has all the benefits of the Shoei brand as it is robust, reduces noise inside the helmet, has less weight and arrives with the new lining.


The new NXR2 comes supported by outer shell Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM).

And this outer shell gets more support from the five-layer structure made up of processed fibreglass.

It makes the helmet light and elastic when a rider falls at low speed and gets robust when a rider falls at high speed.

Further, the EPS dome consists of specially built density areas that help absorb the energy in an accident and dissipate it.

Shoei has designed the inner lining, and it has an emergency release system to avert any injury. It also gets the double D-ring on the chin strap. We are not sure if the new NXR2 aligns with the ECE 22.06 standard.

The cheek pads also get different width, and the lining can be removed and is also washable. The outer shell comes in four different sizes.

The NXR2 comes maximum in all sizes from XXS to XXL.

The weight is 1390 grams, and the weight goes up by 50 grams from size M. Cushions can be replaced if there are no earbuds are placed near the ear.

For the first time, Shoei has put a central lock to the CWR-F2 visor. There are six inlets available for ventilation for a different set of areas like the forehead and chin.

And at the back of the head, there are four non-closable openings available. The entire ventilation mechanism makes sure there is a good amount of free flow of the air.

As said, Shoei plans to launch these 18 different colour variants in September 2021.

Shoei has not mentioned the prices. However, a webshop in the UK is taking the pre-orders.


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