SILENCE unveils its new S02 Low-Speed electric scooter in Europe

SILENCE unveils its new S02 Low-Speed electric scooter in Europe


  • The new model will be available in the European market this summer for 3,600 euros (VAT included). 
  • S02 LS will be a great solution for today’s urban mobility. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, shops and restaurants are looking for delivery solutions to maintain and grow their businesses while individual users are trying to avoid public transport. 
  • Its zero-emission electric motor avoids atmospheric and acoustic pollution, providing individual low-cost transport and contributing to social distancing.

 The new Silence S02 Low-Speed electric scooter will be available in the European market this summer for 3,600 euros (VAT included). Manufactured in Barcelona (Spain), this zero-emission vehicle was created to “become the best option for moving around the city sustainably and safely after the lockdown,” says Carlos Sotelo, Silence’s CEO and founder. The model is already available to order on Silence

 Silence S02 LS will be available for purchase in the next few months in any of the brand’s 45 sales outlets all over Europe.

More specifically, the model will be present in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Turkey. 

 The Spanish manufacturer’s proposal responds to the new urban mobility reality resulting from the pandemic.

From now on, cities will be affected by a marked reduction in public transport capacity as well as by a logical fear of contagion. Given this new and unforeseeable situation, Silence S02 LS scooter will become the best choice for urban private transport.

The new electric scooter is the ideal solution for local businesses that have had to reinvent themselves to rapidly adapt to the new health restrictions.

In this atypical context, Silence S02 LS will be the best tool for bars, restaurants and small retail outlets to provide delivery service in a rapid, cost-effective and 100% sustainable manner.

This is possible thanks to the singular characteristics of this eco-friendly vehicle whose silent 1,500 W zero-emission electric motor also contributes to a drastic reduction in noise pollution.

The scooter, with a maximum speed of 45 km/h, features disc brakes, LED lights, two driving modes and reverse gear. It can be ridden on a moped licence.  

Silence S02 LS also comes with a convenient charging system that allows for easy recharge at home with no need for a special installation.

This is possible because its removable trolley-type battery makes transportation easy, and can be connected to any domestic electrical outlet for recharge.

Consumption is about 60 cents per 100 kilometres, which is ten times lower than an internal combustion motorcycle.

To adapt to new tech trends, this sustainable modern scooter also includes an intelligent system that will enable its owner to connect to it at any moment through a simple smartphone app.

In this manner, the user can start the S02 LS without a key and monitor battery charge at all times. The vehicle also features a phone holder, a USB charge point, an information screen and an anti-theft handlebar. 

Especially addressed to private individuals, this model shares technical similarities with the model used in fleets from prestigious companies and city councils of Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Rotterdam.

Therefore, the technology used in this new model has been subject to the most demanding of tests, offering proven reliability after thousands of kilometres on the street. 

 In addition to its numerous advantages, we should add its near-zero maintenance. Being an electric vehicle, it requires no transmission, clutch nor oil change.

Thus, apart from regular check-ups, you will only need to worry about replacing tyres and brake pads. Moreover, depending on the mileage, its higher cost compared to a petrol engine motorcycle can be recouped in one year thanks to its low operational costs.

 These features have led Silence to become the best-selling brand in Europe in 2019 with 8,000 units sold and 38% market share* (Sources: ANESDOR, ACEM).

Last year, the electric motorcycle market in Europe grew by 104.8% in comparison to the 8.7% growth of the petrol engine motorcycle market. Electric mopeds experienced a 49.7% growth in the same period compared to 8% in combustion-engine mopeds. 

 *Data from ACEM, does not include sales in small European markets.

 About Silence 

Silence is a Spanish company that designs, develops and produces highly efficient 100% electric scooters with its R&D&I. The company also develops its rechargeable battery technology, manufactured in its Molin’s de Rei facilities (Barcelona), providing proximity and safety to its clients.

 Silence’s main goal is to speed up the change to fully sustainable urban mobility by developing an innovative product adapted to new market needs. To this end, it has partnered with companies such as Repsol, Caixa Capital Risc, C.D.T.I. and, since October 2018, with MGS Seguros.

  In 2014, the company launched model S02, a sturdy electric scooter designed for fleets. Four years later, Silence closed the fiscal year 2018 being the electric vehicle –of all categories – with more registrations nationwide, with clients such as Correos, Ara Vinc, Grupo Zena, JustEat and City Councils from Madrid, Lisbon, Rotterdam and Barcelona. Motosharing is another segment where Silence is gaining weight. The American company Scoot has chosen Silence to land in Europe while Acciona has incorporated over 3,000 vehicles.

 In September 2019, the company launches Silence S01, its first model solely designed for private clients. The vehicle includes a novel removable battery that can be charged anywhere.

Patents and technologies used by Silence to manufacture its products have been awarded national prizes such as PYME 2016 in Technological Innovation, National Prize EnerAgen 2015 from the Association of Spanish Energy Management Agencies, and the 2015 Emprendedor XXI award in the “Creces” category to the company with the greatest growth potential in the industry sector nationwide.

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