The third week of May 2020 was quite interesting as we saw spy shots of SRK 600 Benelli on the factory floor and from the pictures, we get to see what the bike is expected to come with.

However, at that moment the bike was not entirely ready as it lacked multiple components.

The bike gets the trellis frame the seat and fuel tank are similar to spy shots spied earlier.


Official Launch

Benelli has now officially unveiled the 2020 TNT 600. The TNT 600 comes with multiple features like full-colour TFT dash, keyless ignition.

The bike is manufactured by QJ Motors. The QJ SRK 600 will come in three different variants Standard, Medium and High.

However, with each variant, as we go from Standard to High the features and the price will rise.

On the other hand, we are not sure if the TNT 600 will also come in three variants.

The new BS6 variant comes with inline-four 600cc that will make 79bhp.


The current Benelli TNT 600 retails at above INR 6 Lakhs in India. However what is interesting to see how Benelli puts a price tag on these three variants when it comes to India.


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