SONDORS Metacycle specs, price and more

 SONDORS Metacycle specs, price and more

Based in Malibu, California, SONDORS is one such manufacturer started through crowdfunding campaigns.

With one aim to inspire the world to convert to zero-emission vehicles, SONDORs started its journey in 2015.

If we take a look at SONDORs portfolio it caters to multiple segments few among them are electric motorcycle (Metacycle), electric EV and an e-bike (Storm)

We will be taking a look at there electric motorcycle today. The electric commuter is reliable in buzzing city traffic and if you need to go a bit far.

What we are looking at is a 91kg lightweight electric motorcycle comes stacked with the PMAC Hub Motor (Permanent Magnet, Alternating Current) and it calibrates to 8 KWh (11hp) nominal, 14.5 KWh (20hp) peak. 

Further, the Metacycle features SONDORS whole cast “exo-frame” with a sleek, narrow profile, beyond anything previously available in motorcycling. 

This unique construction gives Metacycle a low and light profile, making it accessible to virtually anyone. Metacycle also features an integrated phone compartment with a transparent cover and wireless charging, so you can ride free with the option of staying connected.


The 4 kW Hours (4000 Watt-Hours) offers a decent 80 miles on a single charge. The Metacycle takes around 4 hours for a charge and gets a proper price tag of $ 5000.

The minimum design comes characterized by blinkers positioned near the headlight. While we see the design isn’t traditional, unlike any other e-motorcycle, making it a lightweight.

The Metacycle comes in three different paint schemes.

  • Supermassive

  • Arctic and

  • Naked Silver

You can shop Metacycle from here.

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