Spyke Imola 2.0 is the perfect warm-weather piece for your rides

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Spyke Imola 2.0 is the perfect warm-weather piece for your rides

Several great leather jackets have come out of the Italian motorcycle industry. But one brand that often gets overlooked by riders is Spyke. 

Rather than looking at some of the more prominent names in the industry. We’ll be highlighting the Imola Evo 2.0 jacket from Spyke. The brand has revamped this product recently. And it has received an overall positive reaction from customers. 

It’s a modern take on a classic piece of gear features everything you would want from a leather motorcycle jacket.

Spyke has recently upgraded its Imola Evo 2.0 leather jacket, improving the cut to hug a variety of riders better and greatly toning down the stitching. Anyone wearing the Bomber Evo will look like they’re on their way to race a GP250 — that’s just how good it looks.

It is a riding moto jacket made out of quality cowhide leather. And it has been in production for quite some time. The bikewear maker has kept consumers’ needs in mind and implemented modern features in its design.

The jacket is durable and suitable for long rides. It keeps the cold out and doesn’t stick to the skin during long days in the saddle.

Available in multiple shades the Imola EVO features a windbreaker style design that allows good airflow while regulating temperature on hot days. The durable cowhide leather gives the riders a premium look and feel on the road or off. The latest advancements in materials technology ensure proper comfort and function in any weather condition.

Material and features of EVO 2.0

Premium cowhide outer shell construction. Perforated leather panels for paramount air ventilation. X-STRETCH fabric on sides. And inner sleeves for better fit and more effortless movement. 

Thermal removable quilt liner. Racing shaped sleeves with auto-lock zippers. Neoprene at collar for sweat absorbing. Two external pockets. Inner pocket for document/smartphone storage. 

Waist adjustment with strap and SPYKE snap logo button. Connecting zipper. CE shoulder and elbow protectors are approved according to PN EN 1621-1:2012. Pocket for CE back protector level 2. All stitching areas with safety seams construction according to EN 17092:2020 standard.

The jacket retails for approx. $410 (€379.98) is currently available in sizes 46 to 60.

via Spyke

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