Suzuki has released 21 new colours for the Hayabusa, which are available for immediate order. It is a colour-scheme update that does not include much more than a unique assortment of hues. 

Still, the updated colours will be readily available in addition to three colours by particular order only. However, the rest 18 are available in a specific order.

These three standard shades are 

  • Thunder Gray Metallic/Candy Darling Red, 
  • Glass Sparkle Black/Matte Black Metallic No.2, and 
  • Brilliant White/Pearl Bigger Blue.

This change doesn’t significantly affect the bike besides making it more appealing to the general public by improving its aesthetics.


Fans eagerly anticipating a change in the bike’s colour scheme will likely be disappointed to know there have been no changes to the frame or engine. It still has the 1300cc four-cylinder engine with 185 hp, which Suzuki had recently updated.

However, each new colour is packaged with several improvements that Suzuki claims will bring riders more enjoyment each time they get on their bike and go for a ride.

 Available for customers to order from dealerships, the Color Order Plan allows you to choose a combination of body and wheel colours. This new option increases your options from three colour combinations to 18.


18 new shades

It all changed when Suzuki released 18 new colours for the Hayabusa and allowed you to select new combinations of body and wheel colours from 3 varieties of body colour, three from accent and three from wheel colour.

The Hayabusa is one of the world’s finest sports bikes and one of the fastest production motorcycles ever made. These are just a couple of reasons why motorcycle enthusiasts and speed fans love this machine. Though, there are some other reasons as well.

For example, you can customize your bike to be exactly how you want it, and now, with a surplus of new colour options released, we expect the bike will be in high demand once again.

With these new 21 combinations, the price of the Hayabusa has also gone up by JPY 55,000 extra (about $400 ) compared to the standard price.


via Suzuki Japan


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