The new Suzuki Raider R150 2021 was developed based on Suzuki’s advanced technology applied to large-displacement sports motorcycles.


Raider R150 possesses outstanding technology and utility with 150cc, DOHC, four strokes, four-engine block. Valve, 6-speed, 18.5 hp and liquid-cooled motor for powerful riding and optimum performance.


The 150cc engine comes with a 6-speed manual transmission system. The vehicle meets the EURO 3 emission standard and the specifications of the Vietnamese standard.

Electronic fuel injection saves up to 28% fuel over the previous-generation Raider, allowing longer commutes.

Suzuki Advanced Twin Spar technology increases rigidity. And compactness, provides a solid and stable driving experience.


It has a unique hyper underbone design combined with special colour stamps inspired by the legendary Suzuki Katana. 

The endurance racing motorcycle GSX-R1000 and the famous MotoGP racing line GSX-RR.

Raider R150 special sports edition brings a dynamic and sporty image, ready to be a companion for those who love tapered vehicles.

Raider R150 arrives with a stylish design with a unique sporty style for easy control. 

It is the characteristic of the Raider R150. The Suzuki Raider 2021 always stands out with its design and the engine that evokes the image of an authentic sports bike.

The compact body weight combined with the powerful engine always makes the Raider R150 the leader in the segment. 150cc on the street.

LED lights

Stylish and sporty front end with super bright LED lights, longer lifetime and more energy saving.

The hallmark of the new generation Raider with super bright round taillights comes integrated on the new generation Raider.

Operating indicators are displayed fully and clearly via a sharp, easy-to-observe LCD screen.

The opening and closing of the lock guards are simple and easy with one click, without the need to rotate and twist.

The Raider 150 arrives with the unique. And powerful characteristic of the Suzuki underbone model.

High-end and sporty, along with the footrest, has been changed to a foldable inward spring.


New, lighter, but stiffer chassis structure increases stability. And outstanding manoeuvrability combined with a 45-degree steering angle for easy cornering. Turning and high cornering performance. 

Besides, many new utilities are equipped, increasing the rider’s comfort when operating the vehicle every day. Both when going out, going to school and going to work.


In Vietnam, the standard variant costs 49,190,000 VND, while the unique three versions with three different shades arrive at 49,990,000 VND.

We are unsure if Suzuki plans to bring the new Raider R150 to India.





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