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A few days ago, we caught Francesco Bellesi, aka Kentauros famous Italian motorcycle graphic designer drawing doodles. At the same time, doodles will keep your mind preoccupied. 

Doodles also allow expressing creativity while relieving stress. In this case, we saw some excellent motorcycle doodles from Kentauros. Each motorcycle doodle has its style and design.

The last time we saw Kentauros was when he designed some cool Honda XL600 concepts. 


However, now let us take a close look at what Kentauros has put on paper. Maximum motorcycle doodles we see from Kentauros use a Hub steering wheel mechanism. The Hub steering mechanism is separate from the standard suspension.

Further maximum Hub steering mechanism extends the swingarm from the bottom of the engine/frame to the centre of the front wheel.

The benefits over the standard suspension are hub-centre steering mechanism separates the steering, braking, and suspension functions. And some examples are Bimota Tesi H2  or, for that matter, Alyen from Vyrus.

On the other hand, Kentauros has made sure we see motorcycles from all the segments, whether it is Enduro, Scrambler, Naked roadster or Chopper.

We see Enduro getting a Hub Steering suspension. We are more excited to see if Kentaruos wants to add few shades to these motorcycle doodles.



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