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Krax Moto. The talent is unleashed

French design house Krax Moto is not only famous for there fresh renderings but also the way they look at the motorcycles. And the most crucial, we would like to understand what makes them so exceptionally talented. Early years 1. How did Krax Moto start?Krax Moto: In 2006, I was passionate about motorcycles and above all […]Read More

Is it over-ambitious to think about the naked Superleggera V4?

Unlike Kawasaki, Ducati is taking the game to the next level. Out of 500 copies, Ducati recently delivered its first copy of its mighty new Superleggera V4 to its owner. In fact, we saw Borgo Panigale boss, Claudio Domenicali himself went to deliver the bike. Now how ambitious it is to think about the naked Superleggera […]Read More

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