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More information on Suzuki Hayabusa 2021

Its been couple of years the mighty Suzuki Hayabusa is making rumour. While last week we saw the official teaser of Hayabusa until then Suzuki was silent. However now hayabusa_taiwan has published in what we see the first picture of the colossal Hayabusa. Does the image comes from any video is still a question? Going further, we see the […]Read More

What Suzuki plans to bring in 2021 Hayabusa?

All the while, there was pin-drop silence in Suzuki’s house, suddenly the room buzzed with a teaser on what we see is a future Hayabusa or Falcon? The potential rumours started in 2019. Until now Suzuki has succeeded in converting few models to Euro5 and notable among them is V-Strom 1050. However, there were no […]Read More

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