All the while, there was pin-drop silence in Suzuki’s house, suddenly the room buzzed with a teaser on what we see is a future Hayabusa or Falcon?

The potential rumours started in 2019. Until now Suzuki has succeeded in converting few models to Euro5 and notable among them is V-Strom 1050.

However, there were no updates on the 1000cc cylinder, and the inline-four had to stay as-is.


As we look at how Suzuki Falcon started making news, Falcon made the headline during Jan 2019.

Suzuki Falon Rendering – Credits Young Machine

Well, it’s obvious we were unsure about many things, and we still have multiple questions.

  • Is Suzuki trying to build a new platform?
  • Is it going to replace any other bike?
  • Will Suzuki increase the displacement from 1340cc to 1400cc?

 We were trying to get in Suzuki’s head.

Few days went, and again we know Suzuki may well want to find out a worthy replacement of Hayabusa.

However, we were not sure if Falcon was the replacement of Busa. And here is what we did.

We started asking questions, and we started scrambling our past logs.

But Why?

Although few of us may not agree, Busa’s charm is getting older.

And even though the 2020 Busa has a 1340cc engine capable enough to make 197 bhp, it has a EURO 4 engine. Now it does mean the Euro 4 to Euro 5 transition was on its way.

While there could be more, it is one reason Suzuki opts to discontinue the Hayabusa.

The Log

April 2019

In April 2019. Suzuki makes a plan to bring the Hayabusa under the name of Falcon

The expected model is Euro 5 and may cross the 200 hp benchmark, making it powerful in its category.

The Plan

Well, to continue with its plan, we were told by our acquaintance about the alternative model. 

Which will be more energetic and come with four chambers align to 1400 cc?

What more it will come with a variable valve timing. Astounding right.

August 2019

Suzuki Patent

We were going back to the log. As we were in August 2019, and we had news. It was about the patents.

The recent patent suggests 2020 Suzuki Hayabusa may arrive in a new avatar that features enormous engine and options for multiple gearboxes.

Suzuki had unveiled 2020 Hayabusa believed to be the last in the production line.

December 2019

Another patent 

December made a significant impact as we receive more information on the patents of 2021 Hayabusa that we are sure is “Falcon “.

These patents are related to Oil Pan and Cannister. That absorbs pollution agents.

May 2020

Our source tells us about the name that may well get the numeric “1400 “.

Sounds interesting, however. We are unsure what Suzuki plans to call it, Falcon 1400 or something else? 

Another exciting part that we came to know is the upcoming model may arrive from the orthodox evolution, and Suzuki may plan to separate from the mega sports and tourers.

January 2021

Suzuki had planned to announce the Hayabusa in 2020. However, we believe it did not happen probably due to COVID-19.

Suzuki may well have thought about the competitors, and the 200 hp mark should be good enough to give competition. 

However now we some potential via teaser as Suzuki plans to unveil it on February 5th.

Are you ready?

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