Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 to arrive in India via CKD route.

Suzuki Motorcycle India (SMIPL), a motorcycle production and sales subsidiary of Suzuki in India, has made it clear about the Hayabusa 2021.

The components will arrive from Japan and assembled at SMIPL’s factory, and sold in India from May.



Image source: Suzuki

So it arrives via the CKD ( Completely Knocked Down ) route. In the CKD route, parts are exported and then assembled in another country. It reduces the cost and increases employment in the target country.

The arrival of the new third-generation Falcon comes very well received by the motorcycle world due to its exclusive design, riding performance and aerodynamics.

Suzuki has started to retail it in Japan, Europe and North America and other geographies from February.

We understand that the new Falcon or Hayabusa 2021 will be the first Hayabusa 2021, assembled at an overseas factory.

Since 2016 SIMPL had assembled multiple large capacity motorcycles, which involves the second generation Hayabusa.

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