As we get closer to seeing the new 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa Suzuki has not stopped teasing the videos. The last video and the image shows a considerable amount of the package. 

The latest teaser shows the entire package in full movement. The official debut will take place on February 5th.



While we did about it in our last article, the latest video provides more information. 

So what do we see more in the current Hayabusa? The new design gets the inspiration from the GSXR-1000.

Unofficial specs

  • New Hayabusa comes with the sharper front, which is related to intelligent aerodynamics.
  • We do see the front blinkers are enormous and golden. The tapering headlight gives a more aggressive look. With the silver, the front fairing has the Hayabusa mentioned in Japanese.
  • The front air intake duct looks enormous when compared to the outgoing variant. Plus present are three fins present which will help to balance the downforce in the right way. The rear look sleek and tidy. 
  • It is still a question if Suzuki plans to increase the displacement from 1340cc to 1400cc or more. While we see, Suzuki will have plans to align it with Euro 5 norms as the current Hayabusa is Euro 4.
  • Now, this does mean Europe, Asia and the USA will receive the updated Hayabusa.
  • And even though the 2020 Busa has a 1340cc engine capable enough to make 197 bhp, it has a Euro 4 engine.
  • Now it does mean the Euro 4 to Euro 5 transition was on its way.
  • The image shows the new Hayabusa comes with a black and gold paint scheme. 
  • The two acute exhausts on the current Hayabusa comes entirely with the steel look. Compared to the earlier Hayabusa wherein the cans were all back with the steel cap at the end of the exhaust.
  • Further, it will arrive with full electronics and IMU.
  • Suzuki may well shave the weight from the components as well as bring the updated chassis.
  • What more it will come with a variable valve timing? Astounding right?
  • The recent patent suggests that 2020 Suzuki Hayabusa may arrive in a new avatar with an enormous engine and multiple gearboxes options.
  • As well there are new patents related to Oil Pan and Cannister. These patents are to absorb pollution agents.
  • We realized the upcoming model might arrive from the orthodox evolution, and Suzuki may plan to separate from the mega sports and tourers.
  • The TFT looks incredible; however, there is something called a dual lean angle display. 

Source: Maxxmoto

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