Five years ago, Tarform drafted the first lines in a quaint garage in Brooklyn.

Those foundational lines were the vision of a new breed of electric motorcycles. That honours the spirit of craftsmanship while embracing the future.

Since then, the Tarform Luna has become one of the most desirable machines. For the new generation of conscious consumers. 



It has been featured at the Electric Revolution. The legendary Petersen Automotive Museum, was selected as one of the most innovative. 

And forward-thinking motorcycles at the Gallery of Modern Art in Queensland. 

And received numerous awards and accolades ranging from New York Times to META magazine.

They are proud to introduce an exclusive collaboration with Tarform. And build a limited series of the Limited Edition Luna Black.


Traform will only make 20 vehicles to order.Handcrafted one by one at the Tarform HQ in Brooklyn Navy Yard. 

And chose all-Black because it symbolizes self-control, discipline, independence, and will. 

The unmistakable silhouette. And energetic presence of the Tarform is a representation of its values. 

Each part comes sculpted and shaped with intention and integrity. With its striking proportions and timeless form, its a machine that comes designed to evolve with time. 


  • Custom Seat Pattern. A unique stitching pattern designed exclusively for you
  • Custom designed graphic.A unique way that is then hand brushed onto the bodywork.
  • Tarform has made custom designed animation on the display.
  • Numbered Uncrate Edition engraving on aluminium.
  • Private visit to the Tarform Design Studio in Brooklyn Navy Yard.

You can order it here.

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