Honda brings some new paint schemes in especially for Thailand.

Also, a unique color called Super Cub Black Edition arrives in Thailand. It is black/white. Black/red flashy. There is the Kumamon Edition cross cub, which is sold in Japan. 

By the way, in Thailand, there is also Kumamon edition SCOOPY (air-cooled 110esp).


It’s trendy overseas.

Now back to the story of Black Edition.

By the way, the tandem-seat comes by default. Japan is a rear carrier. The super cub is written in katakana on the body properly.

Thai super cub has Katakana mentioned on them, and the super cub is the default. They are painted in different colors. In foreign countries, katakana seems is cool.

New Thai super cubs are very vibrant.

Black edition

White / black red / black

Super Cub Pink (As on the official page)

Pink / white blue / white orange / white

Super Cub 2019 model

Blue / White (logo is different) Orange / White (same above) Red / White Green / White White

Super Cub 2018 model

Red / white green / white blue/white, yellow/white, pink/white, but is the color is not in Japan …

  • White / black
  • Red / black
  • Pink/white
  • Blue (light blue) / white
  • Orange/white
  • Red / White (although there were 60 anniversaries in Japan)

Is it like this? There were unexpectedly common colors.

Southeast Asia is a vivid overall, with primary colors. We guess those are national colors.

Although it is the above Thai color group, it seems it won’t enter Japan. Japanese people do not like this much.

It is a local color. There are many Japanese limited colors in Japan.

Source : Honda

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