This spring, a new generation sports touring tire “SPORTMAX ROAD SMART IV” will debut from Dunlop this spring.

The first Road Smart appeared in 2007. As a full-fledged touring radial tire with the best technology at the time, it has widespread penetration from large naked to ground tourers. 

The Road Smart IV is released in 2020, the milestone of Dunlop’s 110th anniversary. Dunlop tires have returned to the starting point of “joy of operating a motorcycle,”.


As well as improving the necessary performance required for touring tires such as wet grip and life.

Pursue a fan ride with four “continued performances.”

The development company has seta policy of “creating a new standard for touring tires. And has set “four” continuous performance “as a keyword for realizing it.

The first is “excitement continues.” An exciting ride with handling optimized by CTT technology. CTT (Camber Thrust Tuning Technology) profiles optimization.

Specifically, the front is sharp, and the increase i. the rear diameter to improve roll responsiveness. And to turn force from the front.

The second is “feeling will continue,” to keep the rider tired. And uncomfortable traveling due to the excellent shock absorption by the advanced fatigue reduction technology “CIPT.” 

Specifically, the tread surface absorbs small gaps on the road surface .And the large tire bumps, such as steps, are incorporated by flexing the entire tire, including the side surfaces, improving ride comfort. 

The Tires

New technologies such as the “Aramid JLB” belt material used for the front . And the “IPT profile” with an improved rear carcass line is utilized.

Actually, on the public road and the test course. It is said that the fatigue level is measured in the presence of universities and research institutions.

However, the fatigue and stress level is significantly reduced .Compared to the conventional model Road Smart III, and the fatigue reduction by Road Smart IV. The effect is scientifically proven.

The third is “Running continues,” with the “HI SILICA X Compound,”. Further improving wet grip and life and improving wear resistance. 

Mainly by increasing the silica filling ratio in the compound of the front and rear tires to 150% compared to the conventional .Not only warm-up and dry grip but also wet grip. (10% improvement during braking) and life (23% front, 26% rear) Improvement).

The fourth feature, “Performance continues,” uses a new PCL. And uneven wear suppression pattern to improve the unbalanced wear resistance of the front while increasing the durability of the rear.

Keeps the drainage property, but also enhances the uneven wear resistance.Which is popular in III by strengthening the tread rigidity by “smaller grooves.” 

Introducing “GT spec” for heavy-duty machines

The topic this time is the addition of a new “GT Spec” for heavy vehicles such as grand tourers with panniers. The difference from the standard specification is mainly the internal structure.

Adopting a highly rigid “2 CUT breaker” at the front . Strengthening the frame by taking a 2-ply construction at the rear carcass .Improving handling, and loading stability in heavyweight machines.

The Road Smart IV, which all Dunlop developers, who are active riders, say, is a self-confidence work without compromising. We can say that the birth of a new standard pursuing the ideal of touring tires.

Source : Dunlop

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