What if you could experience the freedom of riding a motorcycle, but without all the pollution? This is what Lin Yu has envisioned and is working on through his concept motorcycle, Aether.

Aether details a concept in which an internal combustion engine is replaced by a drive train.


This technology would not only harness pure energy but also clean the air as you drive around town.

Making it safer for you and your loved ones while also helping reduce the levels of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.


The Aether city concept bike naturally pulls clean air into its front intakes as you drive around. Cleans the air with ceramic filter modules, and sends out polluted air through the rear exhausts.

The Aether motorcycle concept is a sleek, stylish e-motorcycle. Lin Yu-Cheng designed the motorcycle concept. It sports two large air intakes on the front (right before each leg) that naturally pull air in as you drive.

Natural airflow passes through a ceramic filter, which traps PM 2.5 microparticles. Making the air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

The result is an e-motorbike that does more than reducing its carbon impact. It purifies the air around it, resulting in cleaner and lesser polluted air.

The ceramic purifier module needs periodic maintenance/replacement too. This is why Lin Yu Cheng’s developed a system where you can either get them replaced ever so often or pop them out and wash the dirt off them.

Aether brings the pollution removing capabilities of Roosegaarde’s project and scales them up to a vehicle.

The motorcycle’s design is as much about aesthetics as it is about function. With a sleek yet curvy futuristic look coming from what are essentially giant air purifiers strapped onto the front.

While the Aether is a conceptual e-motorbike. Its technology could easily be implemented on current motorcycles and e-bikes, allowing you as the rider to feel the wind in your hair while also cleaning the air around you!

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